Is selling your home on your ’To-Do list’ for 2017?

Modern living room with sofa and furniture

The first thing to think about is, ‘How do I get top dollar?’

Most busy families amass clutter; it’s in nearly every home across Sydney. Clutter does not discriminate. The first thing home owners do is think ‘how can I de-clutter?’ and are tempted to remove everything so the house is bare. Surely an empty house feels and looks bigger? Let me explain why that is not the case.

Using furniture can give the illusion of space. Most potential buyers can’t envision where the furniture should be placed and if indeed their furniture would fit in the space. Styling a home for sale takes away the guess-work and gives vision to what the space could be. One of the best spaces to clearly see this is the bedroom. If a bedroom is bare the first thing potential buyers ask us is ‘will our queen/king bed fit in here’. Styling the room with the appropriate furniture takes the guess-work out of ‘what will fit & where’.

It helps your property stand out from a sea of properties online. Think about it, there are hundreds of properties online and you have to make yours ‘pop’ off the screen. Styling can help you do that! There is also varying degrees of styling. Try to have something a bit more individual than the generic. This can be achieved through the colour palette and art work. We see so many turquoise, aqua’s and green’s. Why not buck the trend and go for a black and white with a touch of watermelon? Think about your market, if you have young families a pop of colour is a great idea, if you are selling to predominately downsizers think of a more neutral palette.

Are there imperfections in the home you would rather not draw attention to? A professional property stylist will place furniture & art in focal points in the room, which will draw the eye away from any weak points in the room.

Remember one of the most important elements for the successful sale of your property is building emotion between the buyers and your property.