1. You Live Longer

Renovating means lots of walking. I have found that on a normal day on the job I will do between 10 and 20,000 steps.

In the last week, that goes up to around 30,000. Research has shown that walking is incredibly good for your health.

A study of over 2500 Australians found that increasing your steps per day from a sedentary to 10,000 steps per day reduced their mortality risk by 40%.

And the  findings seemed to be linear - walk more, live longer. https://www.verywell.com/walk-and-live-longer-3435504


2. Reno TV is Mandatory!

Yep, it’s in the renovating ob description. How else would we know how to do it?? Just kidding..

They are not all tears and tantrums, you know.
Sometimes, you do  pick up the odd idea to replicate in your next renovating project. You might also discover new products, tips and tools for the job. On the whole, very educational and a good excuse to put your feet up and recover from all those steps you have done during the day.


3. You Get to Hangout With The Boys

You've got to love a good tradie. They are the engine in your renovating machine and will usually do just about anything for you.

On the whole, they are a big-hearted bunch.
And when you occasionally come across a bad egg, there's always the Donald Trump** because you call the shots.


4. I Get To Do Cool Stuff For Your Family

Now this is the cracker where you can let your imaginations run wild. It can be weddings, parties, anything.I am certain that families who travel together stay together and so my renovating has funded lots of trips, fun and memories. Our next National Lampoon extravaganza is a glamping safari to Uluru for 10 including granny and baby grandson. In short, it can be a source of cash on demand for anything your heart desires.


5. Your Favourite Glossy Mags Are A Tax Deduction

Nothing like a shiny new mag and a cold glass of sav blanc to end the day on a high note. I always have this little pang of guilt about spending an arm and a leg on something that is going to end up on the recycling pile. Believing that they are tax deductible somehow makes that seem OK! Funnily enough, I don't have the same pangs of guilt about spending the hard earned cash on the wine!..medicinal maybe? 😉


6. Amazing Boss

Being your own boss requires toughness and a tiny bit of crazy. But there is something deeply satisfying about being in charge of your own future. It’s the ultimate in job security.. You’re not going to fire yourself! You also get to make the rules and these are some of mine:

  • My project must be walking distance from home. (Refer to point 1)
  • I only work with good people. (Refer point 2)
  • Don’t get out of bed for less than $500/hour

(Not strictly true, I’m currently working for nothing for a good cause.)


The reality is that, renovating is a powerful way to earn more than most people do in a year in just one 5 or 6 week project.


** “You’re Fired”


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