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2405, 2017

Is my builder going bankrupt?

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While we don’t wish it on anyone, the sad reality is that even the best builder might not be quite so good at the financial side of his business. When embarking on a renovation project, [...]

1205, 2017

3 Things To Get In Place Before Giving Up Your Day Job

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In this video, I'm gonna share with you the 3 things you need to get in place before you give up your day job to renovate. So, someone asked me this question the other day, [...]

2604, 2017

Surry Hills Apartment Charity Reno Project

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Our Surry Hills Apartment project went to market on Saturday, it is one that I am very proud of. It is an example of what is possible when you decide to make a difference and [...]

1804, 2017

Hands Across The Water – Charity Ride

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HERE WE GO. Thank you all for your help in getting us closer to our fundraising target. So far as a group of 67 riders our efforts have brought in over $300,000.00 for !!! [...]

1104, 2017

Painting, is it worth spending money on?

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How important is painting? Very! A good painter can fix a bad builder, yet a bad painter can make a good builder look, well, better. The painters are the last trade to come into the [...]

404, 2017

How much does a kitchen and bathroom renovation cost, and what about depreciation?

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This week the Housing Industry Association (HIA) released the HIA-GWA Kitchens and Bathrooms Report for 2013/14 and it presents some interesting implications for depreciation deductions. Over the years the report has provided some great insights [...]

2203, 2017

Timber vs. Masonry Construction

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A builder normally starts life in another career, normally a trade, before deciding they want to do more. In Queensland and Northern Territory, most of our builders have carpentry background, and are therefore more comfortable [...]